Palm Sunday


St. Benedict Catholic Church

109 W. Smith St.

Greensboro, NC 27401


As the Roman Catholic Church of Greensboro, St. Benedict’s Parish Mission, responding faithfully to Christ’s call, is to bring all people closer to God through Liturgy, fellowship, service, outreach, and works of charity.

Rev. James Duong, Pastor

Lynne McGrath, Secretary & Faith Formation Coordinator

Weekend Mass:

   Sunday Vigil at 5:00pm

  Sunday Mass at 8:00am & 11:00am

Daily Mass:

   Monday at 12:15pm

   Tuesday at 12:15pm

   Wednesday at 12:15pm

   Friday at 12:15pm

******* Confession everyday before Mass at 11:45am

*** Holy Week Schedule ***

Holy Week has as its purpose the remembrance of Christ’s passion, beginning with his Messianic entrance into Jerusalem (General Norms, 31)

The Paschal fast is observed on Good Friday and continues, where possible, until the Easter Vigil itself. Only one full meal is permitted Good Friday for Catholics between 18 & 59. Two smaller meals are allowed, but they should not equal a second full meal. Drinking coffee, tea and water between meals is allowed, but eating snacks between meals is not. All Catholics who have reached the age of 14 must abstain from meat on Good Friday.

HOLY TUESDAY (3/27)    

          10:00 AM … Chrism Mass in Charlotte

          No 12:15 PM Mass at St. Benedict’s

HOLY THURSDAY (3/29)    

          7:00 PM…Mass of the Lord’s Supper 

                  & Adoration in the Parish Hall until 10:00 PM


          3:00 PM …..Good Friday Service                                          

          6:00 PM……Stations of the Cross 

HOLY SATURDAY (3/31)     8:00 PM … Easter Vigil

EASTER SUNDAY (4/1)       8:00 AM & 11:00 AM

*** On the Second Sunday of Easter (4/8), we will have “DIVINE MERCY PRAYER SERVICE” at 2:30 PM

*** After three years of traveling, preaching, and healing, Jesus had become well known in the region. From what we read in the Gospels, most people who had encountered him had formed a strong opinion. Many had become his followers, thinking him a prophet or a miracle worker, or the Messiah or the Son of God. Others, however, thought him dangerous, a rabble-rouser who threatened their hold on power under the Roman government. In the Gospel we hear now, Jesus is greeted with the branches of palm trees, often used to welcome returning heroes. “Hosanna!” we cry. “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

*** There will be no Mass on Tuesday, March 27th.  All priests serving in the Diocese will go to Chrism Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Charlotte.  They’ll renew their priesthood vows and promises. Please keep all priests in your prayers.

*** Ministers needed for the Holy week and Easter Vigil. Sign-up sheets are available at both vestibules. Please do it so. Thank you for your service.

*** Please return your Rice Bowls this week. You may place them in the containers found at the back of the church. Thank you for your contributions.

*** Every Friday of Lent, Stations of the Cross will be at 6:00pm.

*** To prepare for Easter, we will clean and decorate the Church on Saturday, March 31st at 10:00AM. Please come and help us. Thank you.

*** DSA 2018: As we look at our lives and the many ways God has blessed us, let us give back a proportionate gift to the Diocesan Support Appeal as a way of saying thank you to the Lord. God will never be outdone in generosity.


First week of Lent
Second week of Lent
Third week of Lent
Fourth week of Lent
Fifth week of Lent
Palm Sunday

**** Fr. Duc will hear the Faith Formation student’s confessions during class time each Sunday from March 11th through 25th.

**** During Lent, all parishioners are welcome to join us in the parish hall at 10:30AM as the children of St. Benedict’s Faith Formation prays the Stations of the Cross.

*** All are invited to join us on Easter, April 1st at 12:30pm for St. Benedict’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

**** VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2018  will be the week of June 25th for all youth grades Preschool through Seventh Grade. Please save the date. If you are interested in volunteering and for more information please contact Lynne McGrath at 336-272-0303.

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